5 Spring Activities to do with a toddler

As the weather changes it’s the perfect time for more exploring! Having an active infant lends itself to new adventures and seeing the world from a fresh perspective. With the sunshine and warmer temps, you can take those adventures outdoors. This opens a wonderful range of activities and experiences that will definitely make great memories.

Though Spring weather sounds enticing, the constant question is… what do you do with an active toddler who’s ready to experience it all? Well, that’s where I have you covered. I’ve found that not every experience has to be expensive, in fact, most of our best times are low cost. If you’re looking for some new fun activities this Spring here are 5 below to try!


  1. Fruit picking:

    Spring Activity: Berry picking
    Strawberry Feestival at Murray Organic Farm

    This really is a great spring activity even into the fall season. Fruit picking with your little ones can be an all-day activity or just half the day. The best part is you get to eat what you pick onsite or try some new Pinterest recipes with whatever fruit you’ve chosen. Here is one of my favorites farm: Genesis Organic Farm. they have the best organic fruits.                                                          

  2. Hiking/nature walk:

    Spring Activities with a Toddler
    Spring Activities with a toddler Hiking at Three Rivers, California

    What better way to enjoy nature? Also, your little one can roam freely without the stress of major crowds. This is one we enjoy as a family because it’s not time sensitive. You can explore and enjoy all that the outdoors offer at your own pace. This is also a great spring activity to incorporate regularly if you enjoy this already.

  3. Festival:

    Look for a local festival during the Spring season or even a craft fair that you can roam around! Most festivals are easy and family friendly, very little planning required. Also, there are themed festivals that your toddler may prefer over another. If you’re into medieval times or food tasting, see if there is a local one coming up soon.

  4. Farmer’s market:

    Who doesn’t love fresh food? Spring crops make our market day extra special. There are so many goodies at our local farmer’s market. Plus what’s better than shopping locally? Waking up early and browsing your local farmers market is a great way to start off your weekend.

  5. Picnic/day at the park:

    Pack a family lunch and bring a blanket. That’s really all you need for a day at the park. There are so many great parks in our area, I’m sure that you can find one too! This choice is great because it’s simple and requires little planning. Pack up and go!

Do you have any fun and simple activities your family loves during Spring? Share some below, we are always looking for something new! And be sure to let me know if you use any of these!


11 thoughts on “5 Spring Activities to do with a toddler”

  1. These are such awesome simple ideas for any kid! I have a 2 year old and he loves festivals 🙂 but i’d love to try fruit picking with him!

  2. wow these all look like some pretty fun activities. i haven’t even tried them myself but maybe I will. No need for a toddler. lmao

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