Best Family Vacation | Puerto Vallarta

First and foremost, This trip was epic! it was exactly what we needed as a family.

When Yannis was born, we decided to travel every year on his birth. For his 1st birthday, we picked Puerto Vallarta after weeks of researching the ideal country for our first family vacation. I had picked Hawaii, then we changed it to Grand Canyon; let’s be honest, the Grand Canyon in the middle of February? no way!

Zeke came home one afternoon and said we’re going to Puerto Vallarta!! wait for what? Puerto who? I have never heard of this location so I spent nights research.  We got lucky and found a last minute ticket for $500!!

Before I even bought our ticket, I purchased travel insurance. I had to make sure we would be covered in case of an emergency. Tricare is not  always reliable so I needed a backup plan. The following day I purchase the ticket and booked our AirbandB.  Puerto Vallarta here we come!




1. Seafood tours

On our first day, we did a seafood tour Zeke booked on Airbnb. The guide showed us the best local restaurant, which turned out to be the highlight of this trip because we ended up spending time there then any touristic places.Yannis upclose -

 Malecon night walk.

We walked the Malecon at night and got to enjoy the nightlife on the boardwalk.  We saw some native dancers at sunset, tequila tasting, walked down to the beach for a beautiful sunset and purchased from the street vendors.

Botanical Garden:

approximately 20 minutes from downtown, we took an uber to the botanical garden for Yannis Birthday. This beautiful garden had so many tropical plants. This was the best getaway from the crowded town. we spent it relaxing in nature. Words can not describe how much I love this place!  I would seriously return just to spend every day here.


Puerto Vallarta Botanical garden

Puerto vallarta botanical garden

2. Road Trip to Sayulita

On day two, We took a day trip to Sayulita. To be Honest, I did not like Sayulita so I need to make a separate post to highlight what I like and why I will not go back. It’s such a beautiful place but there were a lot of dogs with no owner everywhere! One of them ate my lunch unexpectedly so that was a total turn off for me. We left a couple of minutes afterward.

3. Beach Day

On our Third day, We went to conchas chinas beach. My favorite Beach! it was relaxing and breathtaking. Not even a handful of people were there so we felt a little secluded from the busy town, which was only  about 10 minutes awayConchas China Playa

4: Day on Water

We took the water taxi to another beach for Valentines Day. The busiest day of the trip. We took an uber from our location to Boca de tomatlan, then caught a 10 minutes water Taxi ride to Colomitos Beach. This beach was worth all the trouble. I was very nervous about taking Yannis on the water but we made it and had lots of fun. Boca De tomatlan

 5: Parachute at the Beach

Save the best for last, Parachute on the Beach. We ended our last hours of this vacation with a parachute ride to see Puerto Vallarta from above.


Favorite Local restaurants
  1. El Guero’s

    : one of the best local restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. We ate here every single day. They had a variety of foods from seafood to vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. their guacamole was one of my favorite items, and Zeke loved the Marlin tostadas

  2. Pacho’s Tako

    : Right in the center of all the touristic attraction, this authentic Mexican restaurant is known for its famous tacos.   This was the least of my favorite place due to their limited vegetarian options. The mushroom taco was the only option on the menu. Cash only and very affordable.Mushroom Tacos at Panchos Tako's

  3. Paleteria Y Neveria La  Michoacana

    : you know what they say, there’s always room for desserts? well, this place is worth all the walk and the extra pounds. This family-owned business had every flavor you could think of. Cash only with over 20 ice cream flavors.

Every person we came in contact with was accommodating and hospitable. Overall, we had an amazing experience and hope to return again very soon. Puerto Vallarta will forever have a special place in my heart.

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