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Do you travel with your infant/toddler? Well, I enjoy traveling, but definitely, have adjusted since becoming a mom. Recently I braved a mom and son Roadtrip to San Francisco, one of my favorite cities! The people are friendly, there’s good weather, amazing food, and it just happens to be DUBS nation! Seriously, what’s not to love?

Did I mention this was my first solo road trip with Yannis? It was a three hours drive from Hanford to San Fran. I will spare you the details of our travels, but we made it! I made sure to plan out our time away, mainly because if you don’t have a plan you’re waiting for a disaster!

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

1. Day one: Arrival Day

I didn’t want to do too much, because it was already a three-hour trip. So we kept it simple, walked around the area and went to Yerba Buena garden for an afternoon of relaxation. It paid off to not plan much on our first day because we slept really well that night.

2. Day two

kicked off our adventures as we took the bus to Golden state bridge! If you’ve never been to the Golden State Bridge you must. Our bus trip was followed up to the Palace of Fine Arts, where the architecture alone is astounding. I was a bit more impressed than Yannis, however, I did expect that. We ended the day at Fisherman Pier, grabbing a bite to eat and watching the sights.

Golden Gate Bridge Visitor Center


3.  Day three

we explored the Children’s Museum of Creativity. It’s as cool and amazing as it sounds. Yannis and I spent half the day here because there were so many new things for Yannis to do, he did not want to leave. Anything that allows your little ones to use all of their senses is a win!Children Museum

Shortly after leaving the museum, we headed to Chinatown. The minute we arrived in China town, we knew we were out of our element. Everyone was staring at us! Is this common?  Did I miss the memo?

Majority of the restaurants are cash only, which I didn’t know. We did find one on Washington St. who takes a card with vegetarian options so we were able to have lunch. The BEST Chinese food I’ve had in a very long time. Way before I fell in love with authentic Mexican food, Chinese foods were my favorite! So it was nice to have a good lunch again. We took our time and savored every bite. I cannot wait to return for that meal.

On our way out of Chinatown, I wanted some dim sum, but the line was long so we walked through the Stockton tunnel to Union square. Well, just 20 minutes later Yannis fell asleep so I went back to our hotel for the night.

4. On our final day

we left San Francisco to San Jose. I drove to the Children’s Museum which was only an hour away. Yannis spent three hours here and of course, he did not want to leave. Can you guess what his favorite part was? Yep, the water play!

Have you checked out this Children’s Museum location? So many educational stations for kids of all ages. Children’s museums are a great way for your kids to explore and grow all while having fun. Are there any local ones near you? If so, you must visit them and thank me later. We definitely will be going back again in the future.


After the Children’s Museum, we drove another two hours home! The drive home was a killer! Thankful my amazing toddler was very cooperative so we made it safely. For my first solo trip with Yannis, I’m extremely happy! It was worth all of the driving, walking, and adjusting my plans. I can’t wait to make more memories on our next travels!


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