The Reason I decided To Be Stay At Home Mom And Why You Should Too!!

Hiking at Three Rivers, California


Being a stay at home Mom (SAHM)… everyone has their reasons and many are similar to mine. Truth is, my simplest answer to becoming a SAHM is: I want to put my family first.

  1. I needed to put my son first.
  2. I wanted to be my son’s primary teacher and caregiver during his first three years of development.
  3. We could save money on daycare and travel/explore instead!

    Josua Tree National Forest
    Joshua Tree National Forest

When we found out we were expecting, I knew life for me had to change. Though I was working, I wasn’t sure about the dynamic of juggling being a new mom and working outside of my home in the first few years. But, I will tell you I NEVER saw myself as a SAHM. I’m a very active person, and can I confess – I thought that being a SAHM meant I just stayed home. Well, I was completely wrong. I’m sure many of you SAHM’s are laughing because your day definitely doesn’t look like what others think!

Getting over my own biases and preconceived notions, we moved forward with our choice. I was nervous though. Especially about how would I get through the day. Nervous about my own mental health and taking care of myself, would I even have time? Would I become so hyper-focused on our son that I would lose who I am? And though we were saving money, that additional income would be gone. What would happen to that additional financial freedom I felt when I was working…

So many things went through my head, but I will say this. Watching my son’s developmental growth has made it all worth. I have never second guessed my decision to quit my job and stay at home with my child. It’s crazy to say, but it’s been the absolute best decision ever! To be a part of every milestone, experience, and a new adventure has made this decision far sweeter than I imagined. I’m so thankful we took the jump for me to be a SAHM.


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